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Usage-based Subscription Billing

The Monetization Platform Built for Product Led Growth

cheddars mobile and desktop dashboard

Cut the time it takes to build monetization into your product. Our usage-based approach gets you up and billing in as little as one day.

Tracking, Meet Billing.

Cheddar is modern, decoupled billing.

Our platform tracks customer activity first and applies your billing rules second. That means you can spend more time iterating your pricing models without changing billing code.

Cheddar was created by software engineers tired of sitting in pricing meetings.

We designed our platform so your software only needs to know what activity to track, isolating pricing from the codebase once and for all.

In just a few API calls, Cheddar manages all the complexity of billing and collections - including activity tracking, pricing, subscription management, overage, invoicing, external payments, processing, underwriting, SaaS metric reporting, customer communications, and revenue optimization.

Sophisticated monetization at a transparent and fair price.

Build on your own or get dedicated support to solve complex billing challenges. Cheddar offers flexible options for startups, growing organizations, and enterprise companies.



Enhanced support available at $599/mo.



0.5% of revenue for enhanced support.

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We know usage-based billing.

Hundreds of SaaS companies have trusted Cheddar for years. Our platform is engineered to provide security, scalability, and redundancy at every level. See how we’re doing anytime on our status page